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Looking for a new way to enhance your dry-herb experience? RR Vapes has what what you've been always been looking for. From small glass to large glass, waterless-pipes and water pipes, and everything in between. We offer specialty water pipes from the world's most trusted brands. Our stock is constantly changing, so check in often to see what new glassware and dab rigs are available. If your looking for glassware accessories or dry herb vaporizers, look no further.


What Are Glass Pipes?

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Kind Pen Truvia Mini
Personal Vaporizer

Grav Labs Upline
Water Pipe

Grav Labs Beaker
Water Pipe

At RR Vapes, we stock our shelves with inventory from the biggest names in the
glass game, such as:

RR Vapes also carries a wide variety of glassware accessories including:

Stash Cans - Hide Jars - Dab Mats - Dab Holders - Ceramic Carbs - Titanium Carbs - Electronic Auto Grinders - Cali Crusher Grinders - Brass Screens - Dugouts - Butane Torches
  10x Refined Butane Fuel- Dry Herb Vaporizers - Snoop GPens - Titan Dry Herb Pens

More Accessories Added Frequently

Glass water pipes function to filter your dry herbs or tobacco by using different percolators to provide a smooth smoking experience.  There are many different varieties of glass water pipe available on the market. From straightforward scientific styles such as the straight tube and beaker to elaborate functionals like recyclers and faberge eggs, RR Vapes has an excellent selection of water pipes. We carry both American made and imported glass pieces for people of all tastes. Feel free to stop by our Fairless Hills location to find the pipe of your dreams.

**Our glass products are intended for the sole purpose of dry leaf tobacco consumption.**


We carry maintenance, cleaning, and care products, as well as replacement parts and accessories for our glass hardware. Screens, brushes, tobacco grinders, and cleaning supplies are just some of the many accessories you can browse at our Fairless Hills location.

Grav Labs Android
Water Pipe

Grav Labs Ionix

Dream Pen Kit
Personal Vaporizer

Grav Labs Helix
Water Pipe

Grav Labs Stax
Water Pipe & Accessories

Cali Grusher

Grav Labs Coil Shower Head
Water Pipe

Grav Labs Quartz 
Dab Wax Nail

Stash Cans
& Hide Jars

About RR Vapes

RR Vapes specializes in building and selling different types of vaporizers, mods, e-liquids, water pipes, and more. Try out our exclusive house e-liquid brand, RR Elixirs.

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